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Scotiabank 638A LoanMaker Handheld Calculator

For the Bank of  Nova Scotia

[Picture of Handheld Calculator]

If your calculator hasn't been updated within the last year, you're not using the latest version of the software.  That means you don't have the latest CMHC Mortgage rates effective July 2003.

This calculator has many useful routines specially designed for ScotiaBank Loan and Mortgage Officers as well as for Direct and Dealer Finance Officers and dealers.

See 638A Support for information on changing the batteries, software updates, and to download a copy of the User's Guide.

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Dealer Finance Routines.

Dealer Value Lease Plan computes the payment or price from a known payment.

Dealer Retail Lease Plan computes the payment or price from a known payment.

Personal Loan Routines in the Handheld Calculator

Compute payments and personal loans with the credit insurance.

Qualify Routines determine maximum loan amount and TDS/GDS percentages.

Compute interest rate buydown amounts and interest differential amounts.

Compute the Total Debt Service and maximum personal loan available based on a borrower's income.

Mortgage Loan Routines

Compute payments and mortgages for a variety of payment frequencies and interest rate terms.

Compute interest rate differentials.

Compute blended interest rate - Portable Mortgage.

Compute CMHC fees, required downpayment and mortgage amount.

Compute an Equivalent Future Rate (EFR) to assist borrowers in selecting shorter or longer interest terms.

Updated 12 Nov 2003

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